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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Exercises to reduce fat arms

Exercises to reduce fat arms 

Fat arms can really ruin your image!
exercises to reduce fat arms, how to reduce fat arms

When women have fat arms feel self-conscious, a sleeveless dress will never be a good choice as they will not be comfortable because they know their arms are a bit fat. Some guys also have the same problem with their arms. Girls want toned arms and slender ones, while boys want to have big muscles and attractive for girls. 

And the truth is that no one likes the arms fat, flaccid and fallen, because they make your arms look bigger than they really are. But you must do something about it to tone and improve the appearance of our arms, there are specific exercises to improve that area. You can start toning your arms today if you think you are fat or loose, with these exercises not only reduces fat around the area, but also get strong and toned arms. Only then will you begin to feel secure or sure of yourself. The girls will be able to wear that dress with the scoop and sleeves they have dreamed of wearing and the boys will certainly be able to show off their muscled to look like thin and toned arms but with muscles and no fat. 
Perform stretching of arms Do not wait for the training regimen in the afternoon or in the morning and stretch your arms when you have spare time. This will not only keep you active, it will also release tension, stretching your arms is an exercise you can do while you walk, while taking a nap while in the office. 

Exercises you can do to stretch your arms: - Lock your fingers behind your head and stretch your arms up. Make sure your elbows are behind your head. Now, bend your waist for a few seconds and repeat the same to the left. Keep your arms straight and straight. - Keep both palms together behind the bottom of the spine and interlace the fingers. Stretch both arms back so that the chest is forward. In addition to being an excellent exercise to tone the arms, this is also beneficial for relieving back strain.

how to prepare a bottle of baby formula steps by steps

How to prepare a bottle or nipple step by step and easy  

It is very important that you follow all the correct steps to prepare a baby formula bottle. 

It should be done with a lot of hygiene and being very careful not to contaminate the bottle, so we will avoid making the baby sick and cause discomfort in his stomach that is still very fragile. 
how to make a baby formula bottle milk for a baby steps by steps.jpg

To prepare a bottle, bottle, bottle or pepe, as you know it first thing to do is wash your hands very well with soap and water. Boiling the amount of water needed should be one ounce of water for each tablespoon of formula. Pour the water into the bottle Add the milk, one teaspoon of formula for each ounce of milk, (use the teaspoon already included in the formula). Mix very well. 

Cool and drop a few drops of milk on the hand, so you will know is the formula is warm or very hot. And ready for the baby to feed.

Make colorful envelopes easy

How to make colorful envelopes 

Today I will show you how to make colorful envelopes that can be used for birthday invitations, romantic or love cards and for valentines. 

The steps to follow to make envelopes with colored paper is very simple, basically you have to follow this procedure with the different you must use colored paper that is suitable to the occasion. The envelopes can be made with base paper 10 0 base 20 and if you prefer you can use a thicker and resistant paper.   

Make colorful envelopes easy step by step, how to make a envelope

Even if you like to earn money doing crafts you can make as many envelopes as you like and put them on sale along with your other crafts. 

That's an ingenious way to make money by selling what you love to do.

how to make a nice envelope with a paper sheet

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