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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Making an wood chair and canvas for the beach

Reclining chairs with beach style are very useful for rest and relaxation. The lounge chairs are placed in the garden, porch, deck and garden and also at the edge of the beach. The lounge chairs made ​​of wood and canvas are very economical and also the procedure to produce them is easy. It can be made in different sizes, so today you will learn to make a wood and canvas chair to rest and then you can rest all you want.


Instructions to make a wooden chair and canvas

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You should take note of all the materials used for the preparation of the reclining chair. Do not miss anything to have everything in its manufacture.
Materials to develop a chair to rest
• 4 sets of wooden feet long by 2.5 inches wide.
• 4 sets of wood 60 inches long and two inches wide
• 2 sets of wood 50 inches.
2 meters of canvas with the theme of your choice (striped, floral, one fund).
• 40 inches of cotton upholstery
thread to match the color of the tarpaulin cloth
Sewing Machine
• 10 2 inch screws
Wood glue
Wood stain or paint


Step by step to make a break or beach chair

• Let ruedillo the canvas fabric and make a double ends leaving a 3-inch hole and resistant sewing thread, double stitching. That hole is to place within the rules of wood.
Before assembling the chair to place the canvas in two wooden rulers and then you screw.
To assemble the chair look at the image of the chair, that's how you assemble, using screws.
Use wood glue in the folds of the wood to make it safer reclining chair.

We buy resistant wood such as maple, birch, laurel, pine, cedar or mahogany.

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