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Friday, February 15, 2013

Natural remedies for insomnia: sleep like a baby

If you suffer from insomnia, lack of sleep, interrupted sleep, trouble sleeping, when you go to sleep already it is too much, you must put an end to your insomnia problem. Natural and home remedies are the best for treating, preventing and controlling insomnia problems.


Natural remedies to cure insomnia 

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Sleep is a basic need that we all need to relax and re-energize, therefore insomnia should be treated to being able to sleep calmly and without interruption. You can prepare in your own home herbal remedies to get excellent results.

Remedy to cure, treat and prevent insomnia based on cherry

Cherry juice for an hour before bedtime, you'll you much and soon you'll be sleeping like a baby. 

Relaxing infusion of Chamomile and Mint to cure insomnia

Need a cup of boiled water, a bag of Chamomile, 2 mint leaves, let stand the infusion for four minutes, fold the chamomile and mint leaves and drink the infusion, half an hour before the hour of sleep.
You can drink the infusion every day without any problem. You must also eliminate carbonated drinks and coffee can even consume them 5 hours before bedtime. 


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