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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tips to know if your car is out of time and what to do

All cars tend to have this problem of "out of time" at least once or twice in his life. When a car engine is out of time, you can see some problems also unmistakable and characteristic:


Common problems of a car out of time

If your car is out of time you will see the following:
• Auto start with difficulty
• The motor is usually turned off suddenly
• You can hear false explosions coming from the exhaust
• Jingle and without force.

What to do when the car is out of time

The best would be to take your car with a mechanic and also to hear a second opinion to make sure that the real problem is the time of the car.

So difficult and expensive it is to fix the auto time

The repair of a car that is out of time is very simple if the car is checked by a good and skilled mechanic. The cost will depend on the country in which you reside, because in some countries, the parts are more expensive than in other country. The brand of the vehicle also influences, some brands of spare parts are too expensive and other brands are economic. The price of the workmanship of a mechanic is usually between 30% and 50% of the value of the replacement to replace.

It is also advisable that passes you scanner to the car so that it detects if the car is out of time.

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