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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tips and care that you must have before renting a car

If you're thinking of a rent a car, either because you have no one to move you around the city or because you are in another city or country and you need a car to get around, it is important that advisers you well before signing any lease for a car. Read carefully this guide which will help you to avoid problems and conflicts when you rent a car anywhere in the world.

Recommendations for rent a car

• If you are staying in a hotel, question at reception if they know of a good place where you can rent a car, must know it since many of their customers tend to rent cars for that reason they must know good places of car rental.

• Before renting a car verifies that you're your papers in order to drive.

• Must decide who will be the driver, many car rental companies require you the name of the driver, and then you will not be led by someone else.

• Check the car before renting it, asks a test to verify that the auto is not failing, any anomaly that you notice in the car will be used so you do not rent it.

• Signing contract for a day, then you decide if you rent it for another day, but it is not advisable to sign a contract for a long time, because you don't know no mishaps that may occur. If you sign a lease for a week and do not use it during the same week you will have to pay for your rent.

• Question whether cars have insurance.

• Question if rent price includes VAT.

• Check that do not bring things in a car that does not belong to you, someone could have left compromising things on the hood and in the glove compartment.

• Do not forget to ask for the documentation of the vehicle in the location that rented it, also load with you a copy of the rental agreement

• If you don't know well the city in which you find yourself, it is best to hire a driver in the area that has good reputation.

• Check the fuel level, because you will have to pay back it with the same amount, you can ask for a receipt.


 Documents are need to rent a car

The documents you requested to rent a car will depend on the policies of the company, at some rent a car they could request documents that other establishment not.

But the common documents requested at a rent a car are:
• Personal identity "DNI"
• Be older than 25
• Have license with six months old at least
• Payment in advance.

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