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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Learn to make a beautiful piece of furniture with pallets

First of all I show you the meaning of Pallets: A pallet is a base made of wood and is base and to haul heavy loads.

Today I show a piece of yourself that can build pallets that were lying around and you can turn a piece of home decor.


Learning to recycle pallets

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 There are many things we can do with pallets, but today I will teach you to make an armchair to relax in the room and also to serve as decoration and motivation to learn to recycle our neighbors as we have done with these helpful pallets.

Materials for chairs with pallets

• We will need a few pieces of pallets, the amount depends on the size of the chair you want to build. The best are the long pallets to use one piece per side.
• A polisher
• Acrylic paint color you like
• cushions placed on pallets furniture.


Instructions for making a modern chair using pallets

• We begin by selecting the place where post the chair or sofa pallets, can be in the room or in the garden.
• Take steps to adjust the size of the pallets as needed. A large piece of furniture would be great, but it depends on the space with which you have, in your home.
• After the pallets must unite as seen in the image.
• Use a grinder to smooth the surface of wood and remove that look rough.
• Apply a coat of paint and if necessary a second hand.
• Wait for the paint to dry and put some cushions to make it more comfortable.
Many times I say it takes imagination to make things nice and different for our house, but this time no need to imagine much, the idea is there and just need to start to have a nice couch to rest. This beautifully designed sofa can also be used for indoor and outdoor.

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