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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to bleach hair

How should I color the hair

In itself, it mistreats bleach hair and if you do it the wrong way the hair will suffer more than necessary.You must learn to lighten hair so that you stay with the color you're looking for, then watch some women with hair colors so rare, but not because they wanted to but fading error.


Steps to bleach hair

Clarification: lightening hair is hair color change from dark to light.• The first is to buy a packet of bleach, then you can buy at the beauty, in pharmacies and supermarkets.• Read the instructions Bleach• Then you open the packet and mix the bleach as directed, you should wear gloves when doing homework Bleach.• To recommend a process ventilated area, wear clothes that do not use for any accident, so you will not regret it has damaged the shirt he liked so much.• First you must collect the hair and make the process for parts, you can help of tweezers to grasp the hair.• To begin the process of bleaching the hair starts down, starting from the ends up doing hair massage to distribute the bleach well• Then apply bleach on the roots and can help with a toothbrush or a small paintbrush• After applying the bleach all over your hair must wait several minutes to get the hair tone we want.• You should also clarify the eyebrows to not look weird and remove the bleach before removing the head bleach.• The eyebrows bleach can remove it with wet towels.• The head it off using a towel and then wash your hair.• After removing the bleach you apply shampoo matting for best results.

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The time you wait will vary depending on your hair type, thickness, the brand of bleach you use. You have to be vigilant and constantly review when you get the color you want to proceed to remove the bleach and ready.

You need to lighten my hair bleached

There are several reasons why we feel the need to bleach hair, including:• Because you want to lighten the color of the hair.• Because you need to apply a lighter color of ink and this requires bleach hair before.


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