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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Make colorful envelopes easy

How to make colorful envelopes 

Today I will show you how to make colorful envelopes that can be used for birthday invitations, romantic or love cards and for valentines. 

The steps to follow to make envelopes with colored paper is very simple, basically you have to follow this procedure with the different you must use colored paper that is suitable to the occasion. The envelopes can be made with base paper 10 0 base 20 and if you prefer you can use a thicker and resistant paper.   

Make colorful envelopes easy step by step, how to make a envelope

Even if you like to earn money doing crafts you can make as many envelopes as you like and put them on sale along with your other crafts. 

That's an ingenious way to make money by selling what you love to do.

how to make a nice envelope with a paper sheet

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