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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tips to relieve and manage symptoms of stress

It is common that some people are stressed easily, some situations that other people do not get stressed. Today I write this article to help people who are stressed for other reasons such as family problems, overwork, etc.. Some people get stressed out when they run out of money and can not cover their costs, and who is not, but you must learn to manage stress and it is precisely this articles to help you.


What you have to do when you're stressed

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The notes and feel that you are stressed, above all you must remain calm, that's the secret to learn to manage stress.

If you've stuck with your car through the city traffic, you should inhale and exhale deeply four times. This will achieve lower the hormones responsible for causing and controlling the tension and stress.

Managing stress for work, shopping and other stressful situations

You are stressed out by the great amount of work you have and just do not feel or perhaps for other reasons that are related to your work. What you have to do is completely disconnected from work for at least an hour out of his office, grab a coffee, sit in the park, but relax, forget your job completely. At least that will control excessive stress is not good for health.

Is stressed by shopping at the supermarket and the long lines to pay, carry a device and headphones to listen to your favorite music and will be busy (a) while the row. This will help you manage stress.

Remedies for stress at home

Essential oils of mango, lemon and lavender work wonders with our mood, with this remedy remove stress achieved that carries through the linalool that will get rid of your stress.


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