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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home remedies to say bye and end the insomnia

Insomnia is a disease that affects many people because of stress, poor diet and other common causes. Insomnia is also considered one of the common sleep disorders. Many have a misconception of what is insomnia and think only about the difficulty sleeping.


Causes of insomnia

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Insomnia has many ways of manifesting. The most common is definitely the difficulty falling asleep, but it is closely related to waking up several times at night to what is known as "intermediate Insomnia", another manifestation of insomnia is waking up too early, without having planned early.

Home remedies to control insomnia

Boil two cups of water with 3 lettuce leaves, let cool and drink the liquid an hour before bedtime.
• Heat 1 cup milk with cinnamon and drink one hour before bedtime.
Prepare valerian tea and sweeten with honey.

Avoiding suffering from insomnia

If you like soft drinks and coffee, you should consume at least five hours prior to the time you get used to sleep.
Avoid smoking near the hours of sleep, because nicotine stimulates the nervous system and as a result you lose any sleep.
If you regularly eat before bed, eat a small amount of food, overeating will cause insomnia.
Avoid activities such as sweeping and cleaning mop should also avoid exercise at least two hours closer to bedtime. This prevents the nervous system is activated and sleep peacefully.

Take your drink to promote sleep to sleep like a baby and follow all the advice and will not have trouble sleeping.


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