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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Remove sweat stains in shirt sleeves

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We all sometimes happened that we bought deodorant with sweat shirts have been spotted in the armpits. These spots in particular make us feel very uncomfortable because we feel good because we know that the stain is there.

Tips to remove stains caused by Deodorant

The stains on shirts, precisely in the underarm area can remove a little white vinegar, leave for a while and then washed with plain soap.

Remove deodorant stains on white shirts

If you have stained clothes are white deodorant, are much easier to remove, first the laundry detergent remojas in white, for one hour, and then a splash of bleach, wait ten minutes and goodbye stains under the arms.

Another way to remove stains and perspiration deodorant

Rinse the garment with soap and water, then apply lemon sweat stains and deodorant, you must wait two or three hours, if the stain did not come out completely add some baking soda and wait 25 minutes, then rinse the garment will as new.

Use antiperspirant deodorant and wear the shirt until the deodorant is completely dry, and avoid further staining shirts and shirts.

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