Friday, February 22, 2013

Talking to a woman to fall in love with you while you talk

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Men do not teach us to conquer and love to a woman, so often do not know how to address and express ourselves in front of the girl that we want to have a romantic relationship with her.  

Today there are many boys who are girls who dare to speak because they are afraid to approach a woman. Because of this today I share some tips to make you feel safe when you talk to a girl do while she is interested in you as a man to have a formal relationship.


 Talking to a woman and make her fall in love with you

1. You express your emotions while you talk, you can talk about your most beautiful memories of childhood, which has ambitions for the future, and the things that you love. An interesting topic of conversation can open many doors to a girl.
2. For most women, if not all, are interested in showing men relate to security, not frighten easily. In a conversation must be the man who takes control when he wants to impress a girl. You must demonstrate fluency and no blank spaces.
3. You must be an observant man while chatting with a girl, pay attention to the signals she gives you, if you look comfortable or uncomfortable. You test it, while she converses with trying to get a little and watch their reaction, then you walk away and see what makes gestures. If you're near and she walks away, is not happy with you, but if you get close and she stays in place is because it is so comfortable with you, that's a good sign.
4. Women always liked a man to whom she could amuse, jokes is a good demonstration of humor you have. Do not worry about whether they will be the best jokes in the world, focus on having fun and have a talk to the girl he wants with you.
5. If you have the opportunity to invite her on a date and do not be afraid to take no for an answer. If she says no, then your answer will be another time then. But Do not show anger over the rejection. But if she says yes, it will be the best experience, for having dared to invite.


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