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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Home remedies for dry hair

The hair is dry, it burns and is very hurt by several factors, including environmental factors, poor brushing, use of chemicals in the hair, causing serious damage such as dry hair, tan, cracked and split ends. All these evils arising from bad hair care, and not treat it properly. Hair like skin requires much care to be nourished, shiny and healthy.


Natural Home Treatments for Dry Hair

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To care for your hair and prevent drying and split ends can use homemade creams to restore and bring life back to hair. Best to moisturize hair masks are masks herbs and fruits, are excellent natural treatments that give new life to the hair making it look more beautiful and healthy. The egg is another ally to treat dry hair.

Natural remedies for dry hair

Mix the egg yolks with half an avocado and make a mixture with consistency, are applied to the hair, covering her head with a plastic cap and wait 25 minutes. You should wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo and water to remove the smell of egg.

Coconut Mask

Blend the pulp of a coconut without water, puree and apply on the hair for 25 minutes, wrap with plastic wrap. Wash hair.

The two masks are great for revitalizing dry, damaged hair. 

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