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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Natural remedies for skin lightening

natural remedies for skin lightening, how to lightening skin, ways to lightening skin, ways to clarify skin, who to clear skin, home remedies to clarify lightening skin Natural and home remedies for skin lightening: We can find in the blog some of the best natural methods and home whitening facial skin, arms, groin, neck, knees, elbows and the whole body.


Natural remedies allow us the opportunity to clarify and whiten your skin without spending inflated sums of money.


Clear skin using whey

Procedure lightening skin naturally with whey:
• Apply buttermilk with a cloth around the body, leaving the body serum overnight and shower the next day.

Clarify and whiten skin with orange peels

• It takes 10 orange peels, dried in the sun. When the shells are dry and liquefy dry until they become dust. Then adds 1 ½ cup milk to form a creamy paste is applied all over the body or in the areas you want to whiten or lighten. Leave on for 1 hour, wash the body with warm water.
Cream eggs to lighten and whiten skin
• Separate the whites of two eggs, add the juice of a lemon. Mix the egg whites with the lemon, apply it on the body or body parts you want to whiten or lighten. Apply at night and bathe before leaving the house.


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