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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Remedies for babies and childrens with phlegm

natural treatments for cough with phlegm in babies, I can give my baby for cough with phlegm, I do for my baby to expel phlegm, how to make remedies for cough with phlegm in babies, what can I give my baby to relieve cough and phlegm expel allWhen the baby is sick with cough with phlegm is very difficult for both parents and babies, because hardly find a medication that helps your baby to expel phlegm, even doctors do not indicate anything like babies expectorants only send you to make sprays, analgesics and inflammations.


Remedies for babies with phlegm

I show some natural remedies that are very good to help the baby to loosen and expel phlegm. Most importantly, when the baby is coughing loosen phlegm because while you can not expel them have stuck. But know that how babies expel mucus from the nose is and the poop, because they can not cough.

Home remedies for cough with phlegm in babies

• Make massage with cornmeal in the little chest and back, then tapping twice with the hollow in his little back hand, this will help loosen phlegm baby and quickly expelled.
• Prepare a chamomile tea with a dropper and apply two drops in each nostril will help loosen mucus and phlegm. Every six hours.
• Prepare a pot of water with chamomile and Vicks VapoRub, when the baby is sleeping put that pot of boiling water near his crib, so the baby can not touch it, to avoid accidents, inhale vapors will help expel phlegm and moisten your throat so you do not irritate him.
• Tibiar salted water and give a teaspoonful every eight hours.
• Starting an onion in half and place them in the baby's crib, will help you breathe better and loosen and expel phlegm.


Home remedies for children with phlegm

These remedies can take them children over 1 year.
• aloe pulp with a tablespoon of honey and the juice of 1/4 lemon, mix well and give it to drink 3 times a day, the second day notice improvement.
• Boil 1/2 lemon in 8 ounces of water and 1/4 onion. Boil, cool and drink 3 times a day, you can sweeten with a little honey or sugar maple.
• Stop lying about 1/2 onion with three tablespoons of sugar for 8 hours, the syrup is formed to give the child one tablespoon every 8 hours. When you finish preparing the syrup over.

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