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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Remedies to lighten hair without damaging it

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Rinse your hair or bleach hair can become a headache if not used the right treatments, no matter if you are planning to use chemical treatments, natural and home if you learn properly could cause terrible damage to the hair.  

That is why many people choose to dye their hair with lighter colored dyes. But this is not really necessary, there are a variety of treatments and natural remedies that can lighten hair, surprisingly.


Ways to lighten hair with amazing results

These are the ways that you use to lighten your hair without actually mistreat, or make it look dry and lifeless, everything else your hair will look with a cute, young, shiny, silky and best with enviable golden brown.

Rinse your hair with lemon

You can prepare a lemon rinse to lighten hair. This is a home treatment and also naturally without damaging and damage hair. The lemon rinse is prepared very easily, need the juice of three lemons, and a liter of water, wash your hair after you dive into the lemon rinse, wait half an hour and wash your hair with water. You will see your hair in 15 days takes a very nice golden color.

Rinse chamomile to lighten hair

Boil two quarts of water with two bouquets of fresh chamomile, cool, hair wash and then dip the hair with chamomile water, rinse and leave to dry. Whenever you wash your hair using chamomile tea and see how your hair suddenly becomes clearer.

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