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Friday, April 19, 2013

How to repair scratches in the paint of my car

How to fix scratches having the car

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To repair scratches in the paint of the car, there is a very useful thing called the repairer of painting or repairing of scratches. How to repair scratches that somehow appear a moment in the car and we are concerned to see that the car has many scratches and scrapes, and maybe the car is paid or is it your mom's car and may not lend it again if see that you return the car scratched. Ahhh, do not worry about the scratches, surface scratches easily solvable and homemade.
¿how much it costs to repair scratches on car paint? 

Repair the scratches and scrapes on the paint of the car is relatively inexpensive if you do the work yourself.

How can I repair surface scratches in the paint of the car?, Is very easy, you just have to buy a repair paint shop auto paint products and learn form and technique used to repair your own car scratches "car". The repairman can use scratches on metal surfaces.

How to cover and repair the scratches that has the car

First go to the store and ask for the repair of paint with paint color of the car you want to remove the scratches, also do not need to spend much money because the repairman paint is very cheap compared to what you charged a painter cars, do it yourself you will see that the paint of the car as good as new.
The repairman has two useful parts paint to repair scratches on car paint "car",
1. A thin with which you can repair and touch up scratches very thin and shallow.
2. A pince that is suitable for larger repair scratches.

How to repair minor scratches, thin fine using the repair paint

To begin you must remove the cover of the repairer and then put pressure on the center of the pen repairman, to loosen the paint through the hole car paint repairing, remember you have to use the right hand to repair fine scratches and superficial.
Then apply paint with paint repairman making gentle pressure at the center of the painting repairman, to paint the fine rayon. Allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours to repair fine scratches and will not notice the repair.


How to polish the scratches repaired the car

After painting the fine and small scratches in the paint of the car, polish the repaired area with the stylus scratches repairman.
When applied paint scratches already have more than 24 hours, you should apply polishing paste "polish", you rub the scratch with the paste using a soft, damp cloth and in circles.
When you no longer notice the paint line, the car will be ready.

If the pen still has paint repairs should cover it well enough to use in a future project.

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