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Friday, April 5, 2013

How to woo a girl

¿How to woo a girl? Woo and win lover from a girl is not easy. Many times it is difficult to love the person we want, especially for boys. They find it difficult to approach and win the heart of the beloved girl. At that point many wonder how to make her happy, how to show you love and how do you want in the same way. If you are confused and do not know how to conquer a girl.


Tips to conquer and woo a girl

  • Come, do not be afraid. Think of nothing more than to be near her, to know and know how. This is the only way to win the heart of a person. Always positive, cheerful, sure of yourself, no doubt.

  • Go slow, quiet, unhurried. This will avoid the aggression and the ability to alter the pace of the girl. You go knowing it, this is the only way to know what you feel and make her love you as you are.
  • Above all, respect. Let her be herself and not try to change her. If it's something you do not like, it may not be the right woman for you. Respect differences, distances and needs. This will make you look like a guy who's polite and sensible values.
  • Be detailed, but not pretentious. At the appropriate time, be some detail with it simple. You do not need anything elaborate or expensive. If you know, you'll learn what you like and then you can surprise her. From these small details, comes the love.
  • Show yourself as you are. Have no need to pretend or lie. Be yourself, express yourself with your desires, concerns, fears, likes, honesty is one of the best tools to woo a girl.
  • If over time you are comfortable with it, tell him. Tell him how you feel when you are at his side. Perhaps she feels something and not even aware. Thus surely awake their curiosity.
  • Be polite and friendly with her friends and all the people who are part of his life. That will earn you points and you will see closer. Addition will allow you also become part of your life.
  • Ten details with her, but she also let it be you. The girls also like to invite, saying things and take the initiative. Give some space to express and she also surprise you. Take the Lead.
  • Do things with it, different things. Make travel plans of all types: calm, fun, funky, alone, with friends, and so on. That will help that you may know in different situations and will connect secure.
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