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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Making beautiful decorative Christmas

Candles decorated Christmas

The magic of Christmas let this be an unforgettable Christmas, enjoying the company of family and friends and for alleged first must do our part to show that we still possess the Christmas spirit we had as children and in many family loses over the years. 

So that you do not pass. Prepare your home, decorate, invite friends and family to live during the holidays.

I bring you a great addition to decorate your home and provide this luminosity that give us candles, plus the characteristic proportions will smell of cinnamon mega idea.

Decorative Christmas with candles, Crhistmas ornaments with candles
Making beautiful decorative christmas with candles

It is an elegant and striking decorative, I assure you will not go unnoticed, all notice and call them much attention.
So what you need is a big candle, which should cover it with cinnamon and then with a red ribbon and a half inch wide tie rods and end with a cinnamon bun.

Around the large candle 3 small and thick candles to which you should also do a small bun with a red ribbon around her, among the candles placed cones pine tree.

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