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Monday, October 1, 2012

How to have long eyelashes and beautiful

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It is normal for women to want to be nice and give lashes an extra touch of beauty to feminine face.


How to lengthen eyelashes and beautify them

Eyelashes are hairs very important to protect the eyes from the Sun and the impurities in the environment, but also serve to enhance the beauty of women and men. But women are the most concerned about the beauty of the body and face including the tabs.

Good remedies and tips to grow eyelashes

Every woman would like to have the tabs, crespas and bulky. A woman with beautiful eyes and eyelashes long and beautiful can not ask for more to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

The tabs can be highlighted using mascara, some women use eyelashes as a last resort.

Because many people do not believe in home remedies, and prefer to use other artificial methods to enhance the beauty. But for that if they believe and have faith in the natural and home remedies to recover the feminine beauty, I am going to share some forms and natural home remedies to stimulate the growth of eyelashes to be long and bulky.

The best remedies to have long eyelashes and stimulate its growth

Make a mixture using two drops of olive oil, 2 drops of oil of Castor and apply eyelashes every night, taking care that the oil does not penetrate into the eyes, rinse the next day. Or you can make a preparation and store in a small bottle, making a mixed with two oils and not having to be preparing the recipe every day. Remember that you must be patient to see results, and repeat the treatment to stimulate the growth of eyelashes, every day for 2 months at least.

Recipe using almond oil and mamey oil, is used like the previous recipe, every night apply the oil on the eyelashes, and rinse the next day for 2 months or until you feel favorable results.

Other forms of care and to grow eyelashes

  1. Eating healthy foods
  2. Apply vitamin E in eyelashes to stimulate hair growth. At the same time eat foods rich in vitamin E.
  3. When you wash your face, also washing tabs carefully.

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