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Monday, October 1, 2012

Natural remedies and home to cure and relieve the symptoms of gastritis

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There are a variety of natural products that are great to cure and prevent gastritis, thanks to the components that Act on the gastric musoca.

Remedies to cure, treat and prevent gastritis

Today I will share 3 remedies that are tested in the family and I have faith that they work great. Both my mother and my sister have suffered from gastritis and have been cured with natural remedies to treat and prevent gastritis.

Natural remedies for gastritis made at home

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a magic remedy to combat and cure gastritis, since it protects the gastric mucosa and at the same time prevents the stomach acids to hurt the stomach walls.

Other home remedies to cure the gastritis

Coconut water - remedy for gastritis
Another effective remedy to relieve the symptoms of gastritis is coconut water, coconut water acts protecting the walls of the stomach. To cure the gastritis must be ingested only coconut water for 24 hours or until you feel relief.

Papaya Smoothie
Enzymes containing papaya helps to speed up the digestive process, and also helps to cure the gastritis. Eating papaya is effective to cure and relieve the symptoms of gastritis. It is recommended to eat papaya seeds and all.

With these remedies and with the help of medication for gastritis have a life better and you can say goodbye to gastritis.

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