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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Exercises for arms and male arms

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This exercise routine to strengthen and make the muscles in your arms can make men and women. The exercises intencidad depend on the results they want to achieve in his arms.


Exercises for muscles in the arms

Having muscles in the arms means having strong arms and defined. So you decide if you want to make five, ten, fifteen, twenty, or one hour of exercise. The longer you do your exercises better the results. And you can look Puertes arms and well marked, until you can remove the musculera that has saved your wardrobe.

Routines to enlarge the muscles of the arms

If you want to increase the amount of muscle in your arms then you do low reps with heavy weight, but if you want to make the muscles of the arms then you must do many repetitions with less weight. The exercises you should do to have good muscles and arms are lifting weights, triceps extensions, you must also include dumbbell curls, barbell and preacher bench. All these exercises are also perfect for men who want to expand their back.But if you're a woman and all I find is to strengthen the arms then you should focus on working with dumbbells, and avoid that your back is widening. The swimming you could really, with the 2nd minutes a day, 3 times a week would be perfect for toning the arms and prevent sagging.Routines to tone arms for women.The routines mentioned below are fairly simple but will give excellent results so you can look good female arms but also strong and without skins dangling. No penalty will say goodbye to your neighbor when you lift your arms, you will feel safer and more feminine.

What are the exercises to strengthen arms

You lie in your bed, on the floor or on a mat, spread your arms, get up, count to five, lower back touch the floor or mat, counting to five, the climb again and so on. You do 40 repetitions.In a standing position, start with the position of the arms close to the body, his hands clenched, lift your arm forward as if you were marching, but lifting the arm to the head, one arm at a time, ie arm first and when this goes down, lift the other, shall make forty repetitions with each arm.
You'll see how you feel a little pain in your arms the next day, which means you're doing a great job. You have to be persistent with exercises if you want to see your strong arms.

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