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Thursday, January 3, 2013

How I can to know if I'm pregnant

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When women do not take care to avoid having children are the consequences of uncertainty for many to get pregnant other half is a happiness.


When should I get a pregnancy test

The ideal time to take a pregnancy test is to wait at least 15 days after the date had to lower menstruation.


How to know if I'm pregnant

When a woman is pregnant is common to experience changes in your body, how widening of the hips and back, breast pain, some women experience morning sickness known. But not all women have the same symptoms of pregnancy. Some pregnant women even have no symptoms of pregnancy. And while it has been known for unusual cases where some women realize they are pregnant until the time of delivery.

Is it safe to take a pregnancy test

Before getting a pregnancy test should carefully read the directions on the test and do it as it is explained in the instructions. In some cases there may be false negatives and false positives. This usually happens when the woman takes a pregnancy test early. In this case it is recommended that women wait a week and practice again a pregnancy test to confirm the result.


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