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Thursday, January 3, 2013

How makeup lips with beautiful colors

Some makeup tips for lips look perfect and the color you want.


How I make up lips

Often women buy makeup lipstick because they loved the color they saw either in a store, a supermarket, they liked it so much that I bought from a catalog.

But to their surprise when they noticed that the color makeover that obtained on the lips is not what you wanted on your lips. Now I'll show you how to do to get that lip color to make it as you wish. They buy a red lipstick but is a different red, this is because the pigmentation of each person is different, ie could have three women using the same color lipstick and all could be of a color different.

How to get the color of lipstick you want

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So that when you paint your lips are very happy for winning this cute color they want for your lips, you have to do is apply some clear makeup used on the cheeks to neutralize the color and make the application in lip look the same as seen in its case.


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