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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to remove fruit stains on clothing

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Learn how to treat stains on clothing and avoids having to dispose of them using some tips to clear and remove stains easily


How to remove stains from pear, apple and banana on clothing

Fruit stains are very difficult to remove. I have tried many ways to remove a few spots of PEAR, Apple and peach clothing for my daughter. And so many tests I have made have managed to remove stains from fruits of dresses and bibs of my daughter.

Remedies to remove stains of pear, Apple, banana and peach.

This is an effective remedy to remove clothing stains, caused by some fruit.

Clothing with stains of fruits, like pears, peach, Apple and banana, should be treated immediately and leave with water and SOAP if treated right away. But if fruits stain already dried up, a different procedure should be to remove the stains on the clothes because of the fruit. First thing you should do is to rinse the garment in cold water, rubbing the stain with a little Glycerin and leave it on for half an hour or longer, but at least half time. Rinse the garment with plenty of water and hanging clothes without draining. Stains from fruit in white clothes come out by flushing with chlorine (bleach). Glycerin found in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Tips for removing stains from fruit in clothing

Wash the garment stained immediately, you batallarĂ¡s less to remove the stain.
Repeat the procedure to remove the stain the times as necessary, if it does not the first insurance will be released in the second attempt.
Soak the garment for quite some time so the stain will soften and exit faster.

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