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Friday, January 4, 2013

How to lose weight after the holidays

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How to prepare for Christmas many delicious dishes, but they are also high in fat and fatten us both, but even so, we ignore it and eat everything, in any amount that matters little to us at that time whether or not fatter.

Each family we visited offered us food and dessert, and fatten rapidly to the point that we do not realize we are gaining weight by eating all the delicacies prepared for Christmas.

How to lose weight so I put on Christmas

As you know, fat is easy but not so thin. But if it comes to losing weight I ate only at Christmas, the thing is not so difficult, with some diet and exercise this problem is solved easily in a few days.

How to lose weight in five days

With diet and exercise for five days will be enough to thin those extra kilos that we have in the body. Quiet not worry, when I mention the word diet, I do not mean you should stop eating, that's just a misconception that some people have about the word diet. Dieting means you should eat well, and when I eat well, I mean eating foods that provide nutrients, but at the same time are healthy foods.

Fast weight loss diet

This is a diet of fruits and some vegetables. At breakfast a glass of milk and bread, low-fat yogurt snack, lunch simply eat one fruit, salad and 2 tablespoons rice midafternoon carrots or cucumber slices, dinner should eat only vegetables. Water can drink all you want. You should eat the same thing for five days. You can vary the fruits and vegetables you eat. Do not eat potatoes, cassava and sweet potatoes.

After five days that perhaps may mean a sacrifice for you, you will be very proud to have regained your beautiful figure and having thinned so fast.
Thereafter all depends on you. Controls how much and how you eat and everything will be fine with your body. 

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