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Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to make a water filter

Then we will see how to make a homemade filter to filter water, will be based on sand and stone.

How to make a water filter

First of all you need some things to start with the construction of a sand filter.
  •     1 medium bowl (container) with a lid and transparent
  •     Fine sand, coarse sand, small stones
  •     Charcoal
  •     Cotton

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    How to make a water filter

    It should place all materials in this order: First container is drilled through the bottom making small holes, put a cotton layer, add a layer of small stones, then a layer of charcoal, a layer of gravel, a layer of fine sand and repeat the layers until the container is filled to 85%.
    It is recommended that after filtering the water, the water is disinfected using two drops of bleach per liter of water has drained. The sand filter is not completely disinfect the water, serves to filter impurities but not pure water for drinking, so it is recommended to apply or chlorine or boil water after it has been filtered.

    The gravel and sand are used to filter the water removing solid sediment that may contain water. And chlorine disinfects and purifies the water making it unfit for human consumption. Carbon works by removing water odors.


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