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Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to have many friends

Having friends is very important, because we can always count on them when we need them.
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How to make friends

Usually, friendship is something that comes without manipulating anything.

The friendship is when you know someone is already in the neighborhood, school, college, work, or anywhere else. Friendship is not something that is done in overnight, friendship is a process that occurs with routine share with the people at the daily and know who is indispensable in our lives and with whom we can count. But if there is someone special with whom you would like to have a nice friendship you could do something.

Imagine that today is the first day of school, in the classroom there are several boys and girls, some known, others are not known, or had seen before but never had received word. Today alone we have seen the faces of our new partners, we see faces and we identify with some of these people in the room and already have in mind who we would like to befriend.

Tips to Make Friends

Once you know who you want to make a nice friendship, you have to do to have friends is, look at that place feel this person, and the next day you sit around, it's easier to make friends when you have to people close to one. So when they arrive they greet and say goodbye, pencils lend and help with school work, exchanged phone numbers, go to recess together, are to study together and that's how a new friendship emerge in two or more people.

What do I have many friends

Basically the same procedure as I mentioned, but first you must focus on two or three people to be your friends, then you amitad with others to have a large group of friends.

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