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Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to be popular at school

A young school students, college students especially the universities are interested to be popular

How to be  popular

The reasons why a person wants to be popular, they are basically like having the company of people he considers important. But not all know how we can be popular and things that should be made ​​to be very popular in college, at school, in the neighborhood and even at work.


What I have to do to be popular

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Be a popular means to have more friends, more social, more subjects to talk, to belong to a social group. For many the popularity is not as important as it is for other people who always want to be the point of care.

If you want to be a popular person's worth should leave behind, be spontaneous, daring to talk to people, introduce yourself to the person you want to meet. Being popular agetreada required to have a life full of activities, attend the birthdays of friends, go to the disco, do home meetings of friends and above all be prepared to meet many people who want to talk to you.

Tips to be a popular student

Something very important to be a popular person is that you have confidence in yourself, knowing that you can do anything you set your mind

If you want to be a popular person in college for good things you do and not based on things that are not worth it. Always remember where you came from and always be yourself.

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