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Sunday, January 6, 2013

how to make a business plan

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This a guide for those interested in knowing what steps to develop a business plan or business plan as it is also known.


How to Make a Business Plan

First of all we should know what is a business plan?A business plan is a document that is created in order to assist and guide the entrepreneur, which describes the business and also analyzes the market situation to establish useful for future actions, accompanying strategies to use.

How to create, or develop a business plan

Every business plan has its requirements:Main requirement must have a business idea that we undertake, we should know the advantages and disadvantages that this business has.

Steps to make a business plan.

 • Define the project that we undertake Select a name for the project1. You must be clear about its nature, description and justification of the project to be undertaken2. Make a mission and vision for the project3. SWOT Analysis4. Strategic Objectives
B. Make a market surveyHere you must set the background to detect if the economic environment, social and technological are conducive to the business you want to undertake.
Do some research market where list the primary and secondary sources used to gather information.
Develop the conclusions reached during the market survey
Create marketing strategies which should define what services and products are appropriate, which shall select distribution channels, set a price and promotion method that will be used to promote the project in question.
We also need to establish the economic and financial study• Make statements, purchase and sales budgets, costs and expenses budget, determine what the working capital, breakeven and cash flow.The main objectives to create a business plan to attract investors and customers, the company self-assessment before developing it, ensuring that it will be successful in the business, strengthen partnerships, and knowledge to be successful enough to launch a product.
The business plan is a great tool that helps us when we want to start a business or launch a new product. The key is to make a good business plan.

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