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Sunday, January 6, 2013

What should I know before traveling

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It is common to see the excitement of the trip we do and undo and we realize how much we're making mistakes. And these are the classic mistakes that most tourists make when traveling.


Mistakes we make when we travel

So how are you planning to travel soon if you're planning to travel you need to read these tips on avoiding the mistakes that you make when you undertake a journey, it could help reduce expenses and travel stress.Usually when we are new to travel is when we make more mistakes, but if you already have some travel on your passport, I'm sure you always make the odd mistake, so you should read this. Trips are to enjoy and spend right and bring good memories that will achieve to do the right thing and commit fewer errors traveler.

Mistakes people make when traveling

• Too much luggage for the trip: This applies to travel by plane, boat or car, bring us excessive baggage besides being annoying, influences make additional expenditures, for bringing us things we do not use during our vacation. Remember that when you travel you always want to shop and this added to what you will bring as much luggage. So you now on packs just enough.• Do not find out the exchange rate: If we save money on our trip, we should worry about finding out about the change of the currency in the destination to which you are traveling, specifically the places where we can do exchange, their schedule care and how to get around to the place.• Ignore the weather conditions of our destination: It is essential that when you think of traveling first find out what will the weather, if you do, you may not enjoy your stay, what if you want to tan and no such thing suitable climate for . Be totally frustrating.• Ignore the customs in hotels and restaurants: The hotels and restaurants in different countries do not have the same habits of our city. So it is a must to find out how much would be a normal tip and appropriate, thus avoiding having trouble and achieve good health.• Load the money in one pocket: This is a typical mistake, correct it is to distribute the money among several people, even save money from our stuff, once we're staying. Why this does not know very well the place we go, even though we have informed you there is always something we do not know the place, so it's best to leave some money in the hotel when you go to a restaurant, beach, malls and the club. We never know what happens on the road.• Save money on checked bags: This should not be done, it is clear, we must bring our money in their pockets in the carry-on and you must be aware of your belongings and do not take my eyes off him, even when in the plane.• Put your wallet or purse in baths Mezas and public places. Be very careful that we are not in our house, everywhere there are friends of the alien. Then we do not have money to pay for what we consume.• Bring us all credit cards. Why, who want to surprise, we had not been that we would bring only what is necessary, just a card.• To say that we are tourists. Taxi drivers, restaurant employees and others take advantage of that, charging us larger amounts than they really should.


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