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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to tell my parents I'm pregnant

This is the question asked by thousands of teen-age girls and pre-teen, with their boyfriends and do not care and they begin to have relations, these girls really do not care about the results and how to care for unwanted pregnant.


How to tell my parents I'm pregnant

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I know you're worried about the attitude you show your parents when you know you're pregnant, because I know sooner or later. So what do you prefer, Tell them that you're pregnant? or would you prefer someone else tell them?. The right thing is to trust your parents, because they are the people who always have to trust, but now feel and they also feel that you cheated, be annoying at first, but they are your parents and end up accepting that you are pregnant and will soon are grandparents of a beautiful baby.

How my parents react when they find out I'm pregnant

Well, I honestly do not make much grace, his girl, his princess, is pregnant, and now has in his belly to a new being, to be the joy of the house. You do not worry, but you should be honest with your parents, and you tell him you're pregnant. Remember that at this stage of pregnancy need much support, both emotionally and financially. Your parents are the people you provide this support, you're saying, but I have friends, I say you're right, but friends are friends, today we are, tomorrow may not. Your parents will always be your parents. So trust them, sooner or later end up accepting. Now what you should think about is how to tell that you are pregnant.

Tips to tell your parents you're pregnant.

First, go to the person to whom you have more confidence, that is your father or your mother, and says, Mom I entrust something and I want to understand and please do not judge me. You pause and your mom or dad will wonder what is the thing you have to say, and you will answer, I know I was wrong and that I cheated, and that this is not what they expected for me, but now there is no turning back, "I'm pregnant". In addition you will add, now I need your love, please understand me and hug or. If your parents reject your embrace, you must be sympathetic to them, but maybe tomorrow or in a week, all will be well.

I hope everything goes well, you should visit a gynecologist to indicate the best care for your pregnancy.


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