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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tips to have a nice tan color

Some countries summer season approaches and many are already thinking about his nice tan color with radiant get summer sun. Today I share some helpful tips to get a nice color and you tan evenly.


Tips for a beautiful tan color

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I recommend that before going out to sunbathe on the beach you apply a mask of carrot. The carrot will help you make a nice tan color, all because it contains beta carotene carrot.

How is the mask of carrot to get a nice tan

Need to juice a carrot and then mix it with your sunscreen you normally use, then you should apply it on the face, arms and other body parts that you tan. Then you can go to the beach to sunbathe. I assure you that you will love your nice tan color.

Other tips to have a nice tan color and make it last longer

Before you moisturize your body tan skin with moisturizers, including elbows and knees.
To make your tan look more beautiful using self-tanning creams.
Take the sun whenever you can, go for a walk when the sun is not so strong, play with your kids where you can get the sun, walk along the beach.
You have to eat well and eat foods that help you keep your beautiful golden tan color, consume fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, carrots, apricots, eggs, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, fish, kiwi, pumpkin.
Fruits and vegetables will help keep your skin color better, protecting you from the sun's rays while neutralizing free radicals.

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Awesome, good post! Love it. Every female wants to become beautiful also me. Do you know? how to tan perfectly, then let me know.
Thanks a lot

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