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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Care to be taken when traveling with dogs

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If you're traveling and you bear to leave your pet with a neighbor or a relative, then you leave and take your pet with you observations.


Transporting a pet

Dogs, cats, birds and other pets must be transported with special care when traveling and especially when it is a long trip.

Your pet does not have to be a deterrent for you to leave home, you can always take them with you, but you must have special care during transport to spare you are stressed and sick.

If you take your pet travel must bring their own food, toys and blankets for the cherish for your pet feel at home, you should be aware of your pet and monitored constantly to estravíen you during the trip. You have to make stops and take your pet to breathe fresh air.

I transport my pet while traveling

Before embarking on the trip visit to the vet and ask you to medically to prevent your pet from seasickness during the voyage. The vet will tell you how much to give your pet medically to not dizzy. If traveling by car you should avoid sudden changes in speed, and maintain the temperature neither too high nor too low. You must take your pet protected from sun and rain. If you fly you should take your pet in a cage so they can take hold or cabin.

Dogs and cats are animals that support longer trips. If it's another pet as jangster, turtle, bird is better that you leave the care of another person.
Remember to take your plate to eat, belt and a cage. If after all this you think is stressful then leave your pet in a pet hotel or pet in a warehouse


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