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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Refrigerator not cooling solution

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If it is the case that your refrigerator is not cold in this information interests you, read carefully to understand well what you have to do.


Why is my refrigerator not cooling

There may be several reasons why your refrigerator is failing and not cool at all or not very cold.

If you noticed that the refrigerator contectar not possibly start the supercharger will be a need for a boot trainer can be 70-90 or 101-107 microfarads. If after adding a capacitor does not go then it could be engine trouble refrigerator.

Why my refrigerator not cooling

Sometimes the coolers do not cool because it damages the reelevador, for that reason does not cool properly, to verify if this is the case you can try the engine directly, ie without using controls or the reelevador.

How can you test the motor directly from the refrigerator?

Connect the cable directly into the upper leg and another cable connects the lower leg on the right side. When you connect the lower leg to bridge the right lower leg momentarily while doing the test.

Sometimes the problem is due to bad cooling problems with the compressor, you may have to replace it.


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