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Monday, February 18, 2013

Tips for your nails grow faster and healthier

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In this article you will find some tips, care home remedies and recipes good and effective and economic well nails to grow rapidly, healthy, strong and beautiful.

All women want to have long nails healthy and strong to paint them with pretty designs.

These tips are good for growing fingernails and the toenails.


Tips for nails grow fast and strong

• Try dipping your nails as little as possible, and each time you do, dry them immediately, the water causes brittle nails, one of the main causes that prevent the healthy growth of nails.
• Use nail hardener to strengthen them.
• No nails take mouth.
Filing her nails once a week to stimulate growth.
• Eat foods rich in calcium, such as milk and dairy products.
• If you use enamel nail hardener, you can crush the garlic and add it to the container base, help nails are always strong.
• Massage your nails back and forth, will grow rapidly.

Natural Remedies to stimulate faster nail growth

• Rub your nails before going to sleep with onion, every day, even when your nails have already grown.
• Another effective remedy for nails grow quickly is garlic, is done in the same way as with the onions.

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