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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tips and home remedies for teeth whitening

Our ancestors did not use toothpastes and teeth were very white and they lasted a long time. Not visiting the dentist because his teeth whitened caring and naturally and natural ingredients they had on hand. I'll show you some effective remedies to whiten teeth naturally and mistreating teeth. 


Remedies for teeth whitening

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 • Eating sugar cane, the cane fiber having whiten teeth naturally and without damaging the tooth enamel.
• Sucking orange, orange acids eliminate the yellow teeth and tartar.
• A lack of toothpaste can use table salt to brush your teeth, always with the help of a toothbrush.
• Muddle two strawberries into a paste, then spread on the teeth and leave for five minutes, brushing often with his brush, you can use toothpaste if you like and if not, it is not necessary.

Tips to prevent teeth yellow

While we all know we are always those of deaf ears, but now I will remember.

To keep your teeth yellow and have a white smile life we
​​take care of our teeth as follows:
• We should brush your teeth three times a day at least. And he must do after every meal.
• Every three minutes brushing should.
• Use dental floss before brushing teeth.
• Do not eat after just brushing our teeth, because it will be as if we had not washed.
• Use mouthwash to have white teeth at least once a day, after washing the teeth.
• Avoid eating that stain teeth, such as soft drinks, coffee, snuff.
• Do not use baking soda because it makes teeth brittle and weak. Also the whitening, but what good if our teeth whiten crumbling with its use.


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