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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Grow hair home treatments

Grow Hair home treatments

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We often have the best treatments to grow hair in our pantry, but for lack of ignorance spend much money on products that promise miracles to grow hair, but unfortunately results in a waste of money. I recommend that you learn to make your own home treatments for you hair grow naturally without putting chemicals in your hair.


Treatment to grow hair with olive oil and rosemary

To prepare for this treatment need to grow hair in a bowl mix 3 tablespoons fresh rosemary and 1/3 cup olive oil, heat over low heat for 10 minutes. Cool the oil with rosemary, package and allow to stand for two days, then apply on the hair from root to tip, to massage the scalp with fingertips, leave for 20 minutes and then wash the hair with water and shampoo. Must apply the same treatment every three days for 1 month.

Treatment to grow hair with ripe tomato and aloe

You need to put in blender 2 large ripe tomatoes and two gel pads aloe, apply throughout the hair including the roots, is left on the hair for half an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo and much water.

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