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Friday, March 15, 2013

Remedies for nails grow fast and strong

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What to do to grow nails fast: All girls care about having beautiful nails strong and healthy and make her nails grow quickly, but this will not happen without proper care and to help accelerate the growth of the nails. But not as hard as it seems, can do home treatments for nails grow strong and beautiful long have them all the time, without fear of breakage even with the wind.


  Home Remedies for nails grow quickly

• To grow strong nails you should apply a treatment and accelerate their growth also strengthened, for it can prepare the juice of half a head of garlic, and apply with a brush on the nail every day. That juice bookable covered in refrigerator.
• Make a paste with a tablespoon of salt and apply on your nails, leave for 15 minutes and then wash and dry nails. Iodine helps the nails are stronger.

Tips for caring for and accelerate the growth of nails

• When you wash your hands immediately to avoid drying them soften and break.
• typewriters and computer keyboards are enemies of nails. So when posting use your fingertips to prevent nails from splitting.
• Eat foods rich in calcium and calcium supplements.
• No nails carry in their mouths.
• Use gloves when washing dishes.
• Avoid using abrasive soaps too.


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