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Friday, March 15, 2013

Exercises to lose weight at home without machines

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Exercises to lose weight at home without machines. It turns out that many people do not have enough time to attend a gym every day, and that is why I will show you some options effective exercises to lose weight at home without using exercise machines and get good results, stylizing the figure, burning grease, thereby eliminating pounds shape and body fat.


Exercises to lose weight at home

At home we can make two types of exercises to lose weight, so-called aerobic and anaerobic exercises, also known as exercise or strength training.
To burn calories must do aerobic exercise; anaerobic exercise helps us lose weight as we increase the speed of our RMR (resting metabolic rate) is that our body continues to burn calories while you're not exercising, because we trained the body with anaerobic exercises. The more RMR more calories your body burns.

Exercises to lose weight quickly at home

Exercises to reduce stomach, stomach toning Exercises, Exercises to burn belly fat, Exercises to lose stomach fat rolls, waist molding Exercises, exercises to lose weight in the stomach, Exercises for the abdomen, Exercises to lose belly, Exercises to reduce tummy • To warm the body will begin a dance routine like merengue or salsa music, no matter you're not an expert in dance, we want to heat, 5 minutes of dancing.
• The abs are a must, do the crunches as follows. Lying (a) on the ground, his head slightly bowed, with legs extended on the floor, then bend your knees and legs to wear waist, lower legs, extend the legs and low to the ground again , perform 3 reps of 20 sit-ups with your hands on your head.
• Jump Rope: Jumping rope is one of the best exercises you can do to lose weight and burn calories at home. 10 minutes a day supplemented with other exercises.
• Jogging in the same position: No need to leave home jogging can do in one place without moving, burn the same calories like you're jogging on the street. 15 minutes a day supplemented with other exercises.
• Squats: Squats are great for toning the buttocks and legs. The starting position is to squat with legs slightly apart, hands on waist, slowly lower and lower until they squat, then raise and repeat the exercise 20 times. Need 3 reps of 20 series, you can make them interleaved, ie you can do after jumping rope, then squat, then trot and so complete the 3 sets of 20 repetitions.
• Up and down stairs: If you have stairs in your house you can go up and down about three or four times. If you only need one step ladders, ups and downs quickly.
• Walk quickly: you can walk down the hall or in your own backyard. 5 minutes supplemented with all previous years.
• Lift arms with weight: the weight we can use for anything that weighs a pound or two at home can be a stone, a water bottle. You start in a standing position, with legs slightly apart, arms at your sides and with the weight in your hands, then raise your hands to the sides reaching the height of men, for 20 repetitions. Then another 20 repetitions lifting arms forward and lifting to shoulder height.
• Another very good exercise for the legs is sliding sideways. Need a towel, standing position, place the towel under one foot, hands on waist, and slide the foot to the side, then you return the foot to the starting position, 15 series, do the same with the other foot. Then the same with the difference that the sliding body is forward and backward, 15 series per foot.


Tips for you to succeed with the exercises at home

To not leave the home exercise routine to lose weight you need to rest two days a week. You can form a group to be more motivating to exercise at home. Listen to music while doing sports exercises. Set a time to do the exercises daily, always at the same time.

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