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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tips to get the best tan on the beach

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Tips for a beautiful golden tan evenly throughout the body. Many people have written about what to do to get a nice tan color naturally and at the same time get the same golden color throughout the body, so that no visible bumps on your skin.


Tips for a beautiful tone and even tanning

Generally in the tan patches occur inadvertently, this is a bug that occurs when you go to the beach you wear your sunscreen and you lie on your back in the sand and forget to turn around the sun everywhere, this the trick is, you have to receive the sun's rays throughout the skin, if you want a nice golden brown tan evenly in the body, the sunscreen does not work alone.

Tips to brown skin on the beach with success

Two things I always do and I work perfectly are: Take carrot juice at least a week before the body tan, 2 glasses of juice, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This is to prepare the skin, as it contains beta carotene carrot will give us some additional color to our tan.
Apply water with sugar in the body and then the bronzer, I know that does not sound very appealing, but if you want a nice skin color and enviable addition, I suggest that you not ignore this advice.
You buy a good quality sunscreen, if you want a nice tan and durable.
You should apply sunscreen on the skin every two hours at least, and that can be washed with water and sweat.


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