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Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to invest $100

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How to invest my $100

In which can I invest  $100 and double my money. Surfing the net I often encounter with the question of what can I do to invest $ 100? of my savings and get some profits a few times to pay tuition, rent apartment, or simply because people want to have a capital and start doing business without having to make large investments.
Many times when we hear the word ignorance we imagine people investing millions in suit and tie, carrying a black briefcase, who said that only millionaires can invest their money, many people today are millionaires yesterday were ordinary people like you or like me, but began to invest and do not think they started with $ 10,000, many of the people now own a fortune yesterday began investing $ 50 or $ 100 and little by little gains its first investment achieved double or triple it as you and I know today that are millionaires

Today all that people are rich, thanks to their intelligence and their desire to succeed in business having success and investing the money in the right way to get a profit.

So maybe you're wondering, after all this jet

What I can do to double my $ 100

There are many things one can do to double $ 100 to tripling or quadrupling, and gradually go making a small fortune, now you invest $ 100, when you double up your $ 100, will invest $ 200, then will be $ 400 and so on. Below will show you some ways to invest and get much profit your first $ 100 dollars invested.


Ways to invest $ 100 and make huge profits with a small capital

Investing $ 100 in mutual funds:

Investing in mutual funds is a good way to start investing a little capital. And what is a mutual fund? The mutual fund is the provision of a sum of money for investment, this money will be invested in any kind of goods, then the profits will be distributed among those who contributed the money.

Buy stocks investing $ 100

You can buy stocks online. You can start with small capital to get you started in the investment world. Some companies allow actions start with just $ 50 and then increase to a larger investment, same you can do with the proceeds from your first investment.

Buying bonds

One of the better investments you can make with $ 100 to start in the world of investing is to buy bonds.

Engaging in pay small amount of money with a monthly interest rate

If you pay $ 100 and wants to earn 15% of the borrowed money you will get to the end of the month $ $ 115. You can also charge a daily rate or weekly.

If you stop and think and look around you can see many ways to invest $ 100, all a matter of seeing imitate and win.

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