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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to remove blackheads: good remedies

how to remove blackheads in my nose face - how to clean blackheads in my nose face - remedies clean blackheads black spots home treatments to remove blackheads on nose face- expoliate face to remove blackheadsRemoving blackheads with good remedies? Surely once you got that question. And is that nobody likes to have blackheads and is why today I show some remedies to remove and eliminate points of the nose, face and other body parts. With these remedies can remove blackheads without much struggle. We also serve to prevent the formation of new dark spots on the face.

Ways to remove blackheads on your face

  • To start procedures to remove and treat blackheads on the face should first wash your hands thoroughly to avoid infecting the area with bullets. You should also wash your face with soap neutral to eliminate all bacteria, dry with a clean towel.
  • Then proceed to boil and the steam got in his face so as not to burn, water vapor helps loosen blackheads and easily removed.
  • Then prepare yourself with two tablespoons of water and a sugar paste, then apply it on the areas with blackheads and do gentle massage, blackheads will come very easy.
  • You must repeat this treatment three times a week the first two weeks.
  • For more effective vapor can add chamomile and lemon.


What can I do to keep me out blackheads

  • To prevent formation of blackheads on the face you wash your face every night before bed and if you wear makeup, you should never go to sleep with makeup on his face.
  • It is advisable to exfoliate your face at least once a week.
    Never squeeze them because bullets could cause severe damage to your skin.
  • We recommend that you change the bedding weekly, as fat accumulates around our body to sleep it might accumulate in your pores if you do not have proper hygiene with the bedding.

 Another remedy to remove blackheads

  • Another effective remedy to remove blackheads is aloe, apply a light mask, then wash your face with warm water every day for two weeks.


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