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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Remedy for oily hair - The best home remedies

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How to remove oily hair "hair grease"  with home remedies. I found an effective remedy to control and eliminate oily in your hair "greasy hair". Greasy hair is an unsightly condition and is not caused by poor hygiene, can be a person who washes your hair every day and two hours after you have oily hair wash. But it is something that has no solution, unlike there a very good remedy to control oily hair. Pay close attention

Remedies for oily hair

It's a pretty good remedy that works 100% to eliminate fat ugly hair and correct this condition that some people have. Is to make a lotion that works by applying it to the hair to correct the problem of oily hair. 

Making a lotion to remove oily hair

To make lotion anti hair grease need:
• 10 ml pineapple juice
• hamamelis water 60 ml
• 4 milligrams of camphor
• 7 ml of distilled water 

Mix all ingredients and apply after washing your hair, leave for 30 minutes and then wash your hair again. Treatment was repeated for 15 days.

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