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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to remove freckles

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How to remove freckles

To remove freckles you can use butter, milk, lemon juice, parsley and apple. All are ways to remove freckles easily and naturally.

With these remedies can also quickly clear product of sun freckles and inheritance.

Now you can see easy ways and homemade remedies to remove facial freckles.

Remedies to remove freckles naturally

The best way to remove freckles on the face, back, and men is going to use natural and home remedies, which are also very accessible thanks to its low cost.

Remove freckles with lemon juice

The lemon will help and act directly coloring gradually clearing freckles to fade them completely. Applies lemon juice directly on the skin, it is preferable to use this drug in the evening. It is believed that if you could asoleas skin spots, so it is advisable to use at night. Apply for 20 minutes and then I rinse.

Remove freckles with butter

Butter is a milk derivative, it is attributed clarification when applied directly to the skin. You should apply butter on the skin with freckles and leave for half an hour, then you can take a bath to remove all skin butter.
To remove freckles should act quickly to lower freckling should start with home treatments to remove freckles naturally without any risks or consequences on the skin.

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