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Monday, August 26, 2013

How to reduce waist size

How to reduce waist size

how to reduce waist size, how to reduce waist size soon, how to reduce waist size within a few days, reduce waist size, how to reduce waist size with diet, diet to reduce wais size, how can i reduce waist size soon, steeps to reduce my waist sizeTo reduce the waist size should do exercises that will help you burn the fat in your abdomen and obliques. How I have said many times reduce waist is not so easy, but with proper diet and exercise can reduce the waist size to get the desired size. When a woman wants to have small waist should forget about the idea of ​​making muscles in the stomach, because this is what we achieve is to have a square waist not want the female figure as most women to look more beautiful and attractive to men and herself.

Tips to reduce waist size

So do not forget to reduce the waist should eat well and exercise properly suited to shape the waist.
The only solution to have small and slim waist is balancing a balanced diet and exercise can observe satisfactory results in very little time and can wear the clothes of your dreams and do not ever dare to use why not have a small waist and feminine.

Waist slimming Diet Quick and Easy

Here I share a diet to reduce waist quickly and with lasting effects, and is not complicated to do.

In this diet to reduce waist and not have to worry about leaving to eat, unlike all you can eat but in small quantities, making five meals a day that will be breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. From what we completely forget you fat intake is sugars.

Take note of what you eat for a month to reduce the waist and very feminine.


½ cup of cereal

¼ cup of fresh juice


½ banana


45 grams of pasta


1 strawberry, 1 kiwi fruit

For dinner
120 grams of potatoes cooked with little salt

To reduce your waist you need to remove all the abdominal fat, which can only be achieved by doing crunches daily.

The first day will start doing 50 sit-ups you should gradually increase to 10 at ten every day in the first week,  the first five abdominal crunches 60 the second day and so on. In the second week you should gradually increase from 25 to 25, when you get to 400 crunches a day, and only from there further increase abdominal leave, keeping in 400 crunches daily to reduce the waist.

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