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Monday, September 24, 2012

How organize a lunch for friends - great ideas

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Everyone knows how good it is receiving friends for a fancy lunch as well. 


How to organize a meal with friends

The first thing you do when thinking about offering a lunch at home is thinking of who to invite. 

This is the most important part when you are organizing a meeting. The success of a meal among friends is not the harmonization of wine, but the harmonization of the guests. The astral lunch depends on the interplay of all present, especially if you invite a person who is not in the group. People have to have something in common if they are not known to each other. That is the prerogative and the conversation flow naturally. 

Therefore, the host must provide the guest who does not know the other giving some information about you. For example: "guys, I want to introduce Raul, my friend's club. Tennis champion he is." 

Okay, as we all play tennis at lunch, you've created a hook to walk the talk as well. Solved the number of guests for lunch, we began to think about the menu, after all, receive at home, and in style, requires attention to detail, organization, taste and time. 

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