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Monday, September 24, 2012

Tips to welcome guests at home

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Receive friends for a celebration or a simple meeting house may end up yielding headaches if the hosts have not taken every care to cater to the guests as well.


How to be a good host

Not planning to devote to entertaining at home may end triggering small errors, able to make friends in uncomfortable and embarrassed the hosts.

For the party organizer Arty, lack of planning is what helps to create an artificial climate in reception. "There's nothing worse than you see that the host is lost. Guests are desperate for help and ends up becoming a torture for everyone. If you do a good schedule, will get to experience all moments without stress and let your guests more comfortable, "says Arty".

He comments that leave the volume too loud and invite more people than the space can hold are the inaccuracies that occur more in home parties. "Generally the younger let music super high and guests can barely talk and socialize. Music is a super important item for a party, but must be in an appropriate tone so people can talk and who wants to feel like dancing will also "directs the party organizer.

Schedule a meeting whith other people 

For the party started right, the events organizer recommends that the hosts receive your guests at the door and let food options available for when friends begin to arrive. "People usually arrive hungry. This is not to say that the main meal should be expecting, but it's always smart to have a reception dining. Persons without even realizing it, commit these errors, although small, can cause a negative impression visits, "said the event organizer

In the opinion of experts, these errors usually happen due to lack of practice in getting people home and lack of attention to small details that make a big difference when it will receive. 


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