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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tips for choose the right career

Deciding what career to study

Choosing a career is somewhat complicated for young people, so much so that some start a career and then change to another career, because then they discover that they have no vocation or talent for what they are studying which means waste of time and money. Today I share some important recommendations to take into account and choose the right career according to your vocation.

Choosing a career

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Today there is a lot of help to make you easier to choose a college. There is what is called profesiográfico study, which is basically an assessment of your intellectual level, vocational preferences, personality, values, tastes, study habits and other qualities you have. The person who is responsible for conducting the study profesiográfico is a vocational counselor or psychologist at the same time is responsible for helping young people to choose a career correctly according to their vocation and tastes. By this test will receive information on careers in which the study could speak fluently and perform better.At the end of the study you mention the guidance counselor racing late to your vocation, but it is you who decide what area you want to play.Then look to a guidance counselor to help you choose a career for you. 

Tips for choosing a career

But if you do not want to go to a counselor then makes a list of the things that catch your eye. How else do you like numbers accounts, if you have math skills, have ability to speak languages, you like traveling, I like to give advice, I like helping people. You have a list of races and then compare your skills with careers that fit. That is if you like the numbers maybe you should consider a degree in Economics, Business Administration, BS in Marketing, If you like languages, you should study for a degree in foreign languages ​​so that you could work at airports, customs and language teaching . Another example: If you like traveling, you could study for pilot, international trade, tourism Bachelor.

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