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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tips on cleaning and swimming pool and maintenance

Having a pool means taking some care, if we want to keep it in good condition and clean water to take a dip whenever you want.


How to clean the pool

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The pool cleaning can be done in several ways. To remove leaves and other debris from the air brought into the pool water so we can remove with a Mayan or network for pool cleaning.

It is necessary that the pool filter to perform its function for about an hour and a half every day while the pool is not in use.

To kill germs in the pool is necessary to add chlorine for pools.

The prefilter and the filter should be cleaned at least once a week.

How to avoid getting dirty pool

If you do not use the pool every day using a canopy to protect water pools of dust and other air products could drag into the pool.

Must monitor and control pH levels are considered normal 7.2 - 7.6. The pH is a measure if water is alkaline or acidic. PH levels of from 0 to 7 indicating that the water is acidic. PH levels from 7 to 14 indicates that the water is alkaline. To regulate the pH levels used active chlorine. To know that chlorine dose used, you should read the package directions. And although many people do not like to use chlorine in the pool, is really necessary if we want to use that water is completely clean and free of germs.

It is also recommended to add algaecide to prevent algae growth in the pool floor and having succeed in the bottom of the pool clean while accidents will be avoided, since algae make the floor slippery. The dose depends algaecides to add the amount of water that contains the pool, follow the package instructions algae.


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